Firefly and Prometheus live in the same Universe?

You may know, by now, that Joss Whedon had a part in the Alien: Resurrection script. Well, it seems that he had a hard time leaving that Universe behind. Blastr made an interesting discovery…Firefly and the Alien franchise exist on the same plane.


From Blastr:

“In the opening sequence of Firefly‘s pilot episode, “Serenity,” Nathan Fillion’s Malcolm Reynolds is fighting the Battle of Serenity Valley. And losing. But before he’s forced to lay down his guns, he hops behind a giant anti-aircraft cannon to shoot down an Alliance fighter. And when he powers up the gun, the heads-up-display reveals a very familiar logo in the top part of the screen:


That logo looks a mite familiar, doesn’t it?





That’s pretty high on the “cool Easter Egg” scale, as far as I’m concerned…





Maybe we’ll find out that the xenomorphs are actually mutated Reavers…


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