Saying Farewell to EUReKA

Saying farewell to EUReKA

Well, we are entering the home stretch on Eureka, the quirky show, about an even quirkier sheriff and his even quirkier town…Or a quirkier town and its quirkier sheriff?…I don’t know. What I do know, is that the show, the town and the sheriff (along with ALL the other players), will be missed. It is one of the true unique shows these days, and one of the ONLY SyFy (and, come to think of it “sci-fi”) shows worth watching, and has been so overwhelming with charm that  you tend to overlook the sometimes tinniness of SyFy’s small budget. Or, perhaps, that tinniness lent to the charm, in a Dr. Who sort of way.

It is hard to believe that Eureka is only five seasons old. It feels like a lifetime ago, when we first found Sheriff Jack Carter stumbling upon Eureka, the secret Oregon town, inhabited solely with geniuses and scientists. At the center of the town is Global Dynamics (GD), the government funded facility where all of said whizzes create game-changers.  The clever, but intellectually far outmatched, sheriff (played brilliantly by Colin Ferguson) has shown us time and again that sometimes its the simpler answers that get the job done. We’ve seen, in typical “fish-out-of-water” fashion, blended with anything-but-typical “fish-out-of-water” fashion, the sheriff and the town learn from one another.

It feels like a lifetime, partly because of the short season/long hiatus format, but more on the vast overall arc of the town and its people. The show has a way of mixing epic storytelling (a’la BSG, BTVS Dr. Who) with procedural in a way that I have not seen in almost anything, maybe in Dr. Who. Its a rarity to find a show with enough courage in its convictions to make major changes, and stick with them as Eureka has done over the years (Battlestar Galactica comes to mind). The most notable of these “shifts in the status quo” occurred in the season four opener “Founder’s Day” when Sheriff Carter and a handful of his closer cohorts were accidentally sent back in time, only to return to a pretty different town, and pretty different roles. Typically, this would be an arc that lasted a few episodes…maybe a season, then rectify itself. Not in Eureka. Instead, we’ve been given sort of a “pre-crisis/post-crisis” scenario. “New Eureka”, is now (and will remain) just “Eureka.

I’m getting ahead of myself. You’re probably asking (or not, because you watch the show and are just here for the free donuts) “Who, exactly, is this town you speak of?” For, a town is nothing without its inhabitants. Thus, I give you, the main players:

We met Carter – The ground to all of Eureka’s brilliant but eccentric and oft misguided scientists.
Allison Blake – Carter’s on-again/off-again (but usually due to a temporal shift or parallel dimension of some sort) love interest. She’s gone from being a DoD liaison, to head of GD, to recently (post-crisis) Chief Medical of the town.
Henry Deacon – Town mechanic/Nuclear Physicist…And, onetime mayor.
Jo Lupo – Carter’s deputy turned head of GD security (post-crisis).
Douglas Fargo – Clumsy Junior Scientist, turned head of GD.
And, of course S.A.R.A.H. – Carter’s talking house.

Those are just the constant regulars. There is also Fargo’s holographic girlfriend, Allison’s “autistic-then-not” son Kevin, the outback tracker dog catcher, the android deputy, Albert Einstein’s partner, the increasingly effeminate town chef, the hacker felon, Carter’s punk-turned-genius daughter, etc…etc…

I would like to say farewell, to them all…

It has been fun, and I can’t wait to see how the journey ends, though sad to see that it does. Better this, than overstay its welcome I suppose. So to Eureka;

Thanks for all the fish.



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