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ZombiU Trailer Brings The Zombie Apocalypse to WiiU

Aside from the actual zombie apocalypse being right around the corner, nothing says “BRAAAAINS…” like a good old fashioned zombie video game. And sweet Georgia Brown, does ZombiU look fantastic. I have to say, the fact that this title is coming out for the WiiU is more startling than the last five minutes of Sleepaway Camp…I mean, … Continue reading

Marvel Heroes MMO finally has a preview

Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment have kept the upcoming Marvel Heroes MMO under pretty tight wraps…Today, we get both a video preview and a press release from Gazillion concerning the free-to-play online super hero game. From Gazillion: “SAN MATEO, Calif. – May 22, 2012 –Gazillion Entertainment, a leading developer, publisher and operator of massively multiplayer online … Continue reading

Diablo III Server FAIL

ugh…Diablo III was released yesterday, and apparently Blizzard and Activision have not been able to keep the servers activated much during that time, due to “several issues”. Unfortunately, almost every person on the planet bought this game, so as you can imagine, there are more than a few pissy folk. According to Blizzard the servers … Continue reading

Harley Quinn is Back…And She Is PISSED!

For those of you who didn’t buy Batman: Arkham City when it released… WtF is wrong with you?? Luckily, for you, though the Game of the Year Edition will be released May 28th, and in addition to the original Arkham City game, it will include all current DLC packs: The Batman Skin DLC: The Playable … Continue reading

Draw Something…AWESOME!

This is WAY better than the asshole who just writes the answer for you. I don’t know if these are real…but we will go with “yes”. These are courtesy of WeKnowMemes where you can find the rest of the list.