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Game of Thrones Season Finale

    [Many Spoilers]   Holy Crap Balls! How is it, that this show gets exponentially better every episode? Sunday was the Game of Thrones season 2 closer, and while the episode ended with more open questions than is started with, I am sure i would be hard-pressed to find anyone who was left unsatisfied. I am … Continue reading

The New Face of Hannibal Lecter

As you may (or may not know) by now, NBC is hurrying to get a series ready for this upcoming 12/13 season, based on the Thomas Harris “Hannibal Lecter” novels (specifically around the time, or pre-Red Dragon, it would seem). The series is set to follow Will Graham (from Red Dragon (played by both William … Continue reading

Alan Sorkin To Tackle Steve Jobs

So, it looks like Aaron Sorkin (screenwriter, The Social Network) will be the pen behind the adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs. For the record, this is NOT the biopic that Aston Kutcher is starring in (seen here)…which is good. While Kutcher may have the look of Jobs, I don’t have faith in his chops…(acting … Continue reading

Sink Your Teeth Into The Season 5 Trailer For True Blood

If I am being entirely honest, I really haven’t been into into True Blood since Season One. I feel it’s just been completely hokey and unbelievably fantastical, and Anna Paquin’s Sookie has gone from completely doable, to utterly punchable. I hate her…I hate her face…I hate her accent…I hate her being a fairy…I just hate everything about her. … Continue reading

Game of Thrones: Know Your Houses

The biggest criticizm I hear from people who refuse to get into Game of Thrones (the greatest show on TV right now), is that its too complicated and convoluted. I can’t argue that…there is a metric shit ton of information being thrown at you on any given episode. (some witty segue) Apparently, the following animated … Continue reading

R.I.P Maurice Sendak

“Parents shouldn’t assume children are made out of sugar candy and will break and collapse instantly. Kids don’t. We do.” Those are the words of Where The Wild Things Are author/illustrator, Maurice Sendak, in a 1988 interview with People Magazine. Now, ironically, adults all over the world have heavy hearts after hearing about his passing. … Continue reading