Wanderlust: The Funniest Movie I’ve Seen In The Last Five Years (A Review)

Ok, Ok…I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking, “James…you  LOVE to write in hyperbole”…You would be correct in that allegation. In fact, I am quite possibly the MOST hyperbolic writer in the entire universe. However, the truth of the matter is; Wanderlust is fantastic. I am finding myself unable to think of anything as witty or as clever as Wanderlust, from the past five years or so. And that is genuine. David Wain has perfected comedy.

Let me give you a brief history lesson.

January, 1994. I was an energetic young teenager, skateboarding in the park…jamming to the latest Kid N’ Play album…wearing my clothes backwards…whatever the fuck, I don’t remember, it was like a hundred years ago. What I do remember, is getting back to my friend’s house one rainy evening, turning on MTV (probably looking for Beavis & Butthead), and this happening:

[FMP width=”320″ height=”180″]http://www.totallyfnawesome.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/chowder2.mov[/FMP]



Holy shit, I was forever changed. I had never seen anything like The State, prior to this. Sure, we had Kids in the Hall…but, this was different. This spoke directly to me. So it began.

Since that rainy night, I have followed pretty much everything the members of MTV’s The State had to throw at me, both individually or in their group efforts. In addition to immediately buying shitty bootleg VHS tapes of the show off of Ebay, I’ve been loyal to Viva Variety, Stella, Reno 911, Reaper, Veronica Mars, Party Down, Wainy Days, Michael & Michael Have Issues, Little Britain, Children’s Hospital, Burning Love and on, and on…

However, as wonderful as all these nuggets are (please give us a reunion sometime soon), none have been as enjoyable as the feature length productions by David Wain (aka “The Jew” from “The Jew, The Italian and The Red Head Gay” )

Wain has had four outings as a feature length director. Probably the most recognized is Role Models, starring Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott. Before that was The Ten (Paul Rudd and a slew) and before that, Wet Hot American Summer . I suggest catching any that you haven’t, most of which are on Netflix Instant.

His most recent, Wanderlust, is a familiar cast…Paul Rudd and a veritable who’s who of improv and sketch comedy. Most of The State (Marino, Showalter, Wain, Truglio, Kenney) plus, Malin Ackerman, Key and Peele, Kathryn Hahn, Todd barry, Justin Theroux, and on, and on…

And, rounding out the cast, Jennifer Aniston and Alan Alda.

Usually, I would talk up some stand-out performances, but they were all on point. With such a huge cast, every line in Wanderlust is delivered with impeccable timing, in a way that made you feel like this was an intimate affair. I don’t think I went sixty seconds without a laugh out loud moment. And, I am talking guffaw.

The story is simple enough;

Man and Woman (Rudd and Aniston), buy a grossly expensive (and small) apartment in the city, minutes before their income is terminated. They move in with Man’s asshole brother (Marino) and dysfunctional family, before they can’t take it anymore and leave, stumbling upon “Elysium”, a rural commune specializing in free love, freer drugs and even freer balls swinging around. A not-so-typical “fish out of water” story…but, believe me, hilarity ensues.

So, what happened? Why is Wanderlust not buzzing its way across the country?

My honest opinion. Jennifer Aniston. She is like poison to the Box Office. Now, don’t get me wrong, she is brilliant in this movie. Just her name on the poster, however, is indicative of a forgotten movie.

I’ll tell you, though, if I was ever told that Aniston would be headlining one of my favorite comedies ever, I’d punch them in the neck. But, here it is, and she’s funny as hell. Maybe she should get away from rom-coms with people like Gerard Butler and whoever-the-fuck and stick to straight comedies…She’s G’Damn great at it…So much so, that a few more Wanderlusts and Horrible Bosses and she may have reinvented herself. She recently showed up on Ken marino’s internet show “Burning Love”, which is a great step in the right direction.


The movie is great. Get it how you get it.

I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 Butt-Ass-Naked-Joe Lo Truglios



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