True F’N Blood!

I’ve been burned in the past, by True Blood.

I LOVED the first season. It was that love that allowed me to get amped up for each subsequent season. And, each subsequent season, subsequently disappointed me…subsequently.

So, I write this, knowing fully well I will probably eat my words in a few weeks, but…


This trailer for season 5 looks f’n awesome.

Two things:

1. Christopher Meloni is a good thing for any show, particularly HBO (see: OZ).

2. They may have actually [spoiler title=”Spoiler” open=”0″ style=”1″]killed off Tara.[/spoiler]


Now, I know that they apparently did it at the end of last season, but based on the trailer, it may actually stick. Chances are, I am being naive, but G’Damn, that alone would make the show 50% more watchable.

Also, as a post script, Russell Edgington is a pretty decent atagonist.

Anyway, True Blood comes back this Sunday…Game of Thrones, it ain’t…but we gotta watch something.

Tell me what you think:


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