Has anyone else had enough of Apple’s Siri campaign?

It was completely baffling to me when Apple went ahead with their Siri/Sam Jackson/Zooey Deschanel campaign, for a couple of reasons. First of all, Siri is kind of a flop. Not in the sense that it is a terrible idea, or executed poorly. It is just not a defining feature for prospective buyers. Especially when Android has had voice activated features for quite sometime, AND they integrate with almost everything you can imagine. This isn’t the first time Apple has made this error (remember Facetime?…me neither). In fact, the company has a habit of featuring a “one more thing” thing on their iPhones, that typically create more buzz than buyers. That’s OK. It happens. Apple still makes the best hone on the market, and Siri will be great, when third party developers can get their hands on her. But, to spend (what I can only imagine is) millions of dollars on a campaign, featuring a conversation between the phone and celebrities, almost a year after Siri has been released and underwhelming, seems forced, pointless, and wasteful. Especially, given the fact that we ALL know what Siri is capable. The campaign shows NO new uses. What it does show is rich celebrities, in witty banter about organic mushrooms. Way to be attached to the people Apple.

So, jump ahead a few months, and Apple releases TWO new commercials, this time featuring John Malkovich, opera music and spicy Portuguese sausage…very relatable.

Holy HELL, Apple…cut your losses and move on. You are not bringing Siri awareness to ANYONE who is unfamiliar. Instead, you are alienating your average customer. It kind of reminds me of a bit David Cross did in one of his HBO specials, wondering if McDonald’s were to have one day without commercials, would ANYONE say “Hey…did McDonald’s go out of business?”


Apple needs to take a cue from its late, great former CEO. The idea is a flop…move on, restructure and form a new plan of attack. Besides, iPhone 5 can’t be too far away, right? WHY would you think NOW would be the right time to remind us all of a feature that you thought was awesome, and just wasn’t?

– My two pennies…




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