Could casting Gary Oldman mean good things for the Robocop reboot?

What do you think?

Probably not. I mean, clearly its too early to tell, but I don’t see how this movie will work, and I can’t even get past the look of Robocop. If they make him look like the original, it will be off-putting as the original is a ver “80s” look. If they update his look, it will be off-putting because its not “really” Robocop. It sounds like a silly think in the scheme of an entire movie, but its really the little nuances that can make or break a film. I mean, Jesus, thousands of people have written off The Amazing Spider-Man because The Lizard apparently doesn’t wear a lab coat the entire time.

Still, the recent news that Gary Oldman has been cast as the scientist who creates the cyborg is promising. Though, I would much rather him take the mantle as Clarence Boddeker, I’ll take Oldman where I can gets Oldman…

The lead role has been given to Joel Kinnaman (The Killing) and is being directed by Jose Padilha, who has done probably nothing you’ve seen.

Of couse, Oldman can be seen next in The Dark Knight Rises, as James Gordon.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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