Your Complete “Game of Thrones” Compendium (that means “guide”)



One of the biggest complaints I hear about HBO’s Game of Thrones…OK, the ONLY complaint I hear about HBO’s Game of Thrones, is that occasionally it gets a bit convoluted and subsequently, it becomes difficult to follow the minutiae. There’s hundreds of houses, with hundreds of names, per house, and wars going back for ages. I read the first two books, and still occasionally find myself going “…and, who the f’ is THAT?”

Luckily, for me…and, anyone nearly as dumb as me, the fine folks at put together a few AWESOME companion pieces to bring us up to speed. The first, is a great couple of charts, relating all the houses and their families


The page also has the chart broken into the different houses, so you can view just one…And, also a map of the house locations (as well as some great episode specific house guides and such).


The next page is a huge illustrated guide of the GoT lore and history.


Both are worth a look. They are beautiful AND informative…

Learning iz funn…


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