JJ Abrams latest, Revolution on NBC

You say you want one?

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Bad Robot. While I LOVE Mission Impossible III, Super 8, Star Trek, things like Morning Glory and What About Brian make me want to dropkick a baby…

I loved 99% of LOST, but the last few episodes of the last season made me want to set myself on fire.

I LOVEloveLOVE AliasFringe…But, I want to punch Undercovers right in the neck.

You get what I am saying.

Then, there is this thing with them, that they have trouble finding traction for potentially good ideas. Fringe is a good example of this. The show is amazing, but it held on to a thread of hope (and lackluster ratings) every season, not knowing if it was going to get picked up for the next until the eleventh hour. Someone at Fox must be a Fringe fan, because they recently announced that it would be picked up for a 5th and final season next year (and, we thank you). Alcatraz is another. I thought it was an awesome concept, with pretty good weekly episodes, but like Fringe, they took too long to get into the narrative. Unfortunately, unlike Fringe, there was no knight in shining armor for Alcatraz, which was cancelled after one season. Now, as fans, we are left wondering what may have been.

Its because of this that i am wary about jumping into bed with another JJ Abrams produced show. I am tired of getting invested with these long form shows, only to have the rug pulled out from under me…Anybody remember Veronica Mars?…Dollhouse?…Reunion?…Jericho?…

Anyway, I just wanted to make that clear, before I got into this. I have been hearing about a new JJ Abrams show in production for this Fall. Revolution. The basic gist is that all electricity stops working, and where we are as a society 15 years later. My initial thought was “meh…”

Then I learned a few things. Like, Jon Favreau is directing. And, also that the concept was developed by Eric Kripke (Supernatural). These alone are two big marks in the “win” column for me (and having Gus from Breaking Bad as an antagonist doesn’t hurt)…but, the biggest “win” was seeing the trailer. It feels like if Jericho met Lost met The Stand. I am probably asking to be disappointed by getting into another network show, knowing that NBC does not allow time for growth…so, here’s hoping that this is a huge hit from the start, because based on this trailer, I am in.



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