Check Out The 4 Minute “Super Preview” for Amazing Spider-Man

So, last night during Howard Stern’s first America’s Got Talent, they showed a 4 minute “super preview” (their words) of The Amazing Spider-Man. Its mostly the same stuff we’ve been seeing up until now, but the first 1:30 minutes is almost entirely new…and HOLY SHIT, it gave me a chill up my spine. Something about Spider-Man tossing his mask to that kid for strength was just Amazing to me. Even if the scene did have that guy that Skylar was banging on Breaking Bad, it has boosted my anticipation for this movie…

Now, I don’t know if I would say that this is the “most highly anticipated movie of the summer”, like the preview jokingly boasted…(wait…that was a joke, right?). Ok, I am sure I would NOT call this the most anticipated movie of the summer, but I am getting more psyched with every bit of new footage. I have said it before, I think this movie will surprise a lot of people in how NOT bad it is. Aesthetically, alone, the movie is 1000 times more Spider-Man than any of its predecessors.

Truth be told, I have two hopes for this movie. One, the more likely at this point, is that we get an enjoyable Spider-flick that washes Venom out of our mouths. The second (which I wish for more, but does not seem the case) is that the movie is SO terrible, that Sony relinquishes the rights, back to Disney, and we can get Spider-Man back into the Marvel Universe…I mean, look…it happened with HULK.

Check it out, let me know what you think.

Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters July 3rd.


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