The Avengers Still Crushing At The Box Office ($1 Billion Worldwide)

If we can’t protect the Earth…You can be DAMN sure we…CASH IN, Homie!

So The Avengers CONTINUES to break box office records. This time, the record for 2nd week sales, at $103.2 million this weekend. That is a huge leap from (previous record holder) Avatar, who earned $75 million in its second week. Holy shnikies.

So, altogether, so far, we are at about $373 million, domestically…Worldwide, the super hero flick broke $1 billion by earlier today…Just 19 days after release and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, neck and neck with Avatar and HP&TDH2 speeds.  (MAN, I love saying that).

The only contender this weekend was  Burton & Depp’s latest collab, Dark Shadows…which got crushed ($9.7 million). Next week, it will have to square up against The Dictator and Battleship, so it could easily go 3 weeks in a row.

Now, Avatar hold the record at 3rd week box office numbers at $68.5 million. From opening week to second week, The Avengers dropped about 50%. If it manages to drop another 50 by next weekend it will not break the record.

“That’s a HUGE F’n Ship”…”And totally NOT an ‘Alien’ prequel…uh-huh”

The truth is, beating the all time record is doable, but it won’t be easy. The Avengers will have to reach $760.5 million domestically, and $2.8 billion worldwide to beat Avatar in those spots, respectively, and while the juggernaut is crushing it right now, it has some serious hurdles to jump. Still yet, this summer is Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, the two biggest oxygen draws for sure. Not to mention Amazing Spider-Man and G.I Joe: Retaliation, which I feel will both surprise naysayers with better than terrible numbers. The Bourne Legacy (which will be bigger than anticipated thanks to The Avengers and Jeremy Renner), The Expendables 2, and Total Recall.


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