Hey, SNL…Howsabout Peter Dinklage to Host…

Really, SNL?!?…Really…

Mick Jagger hosting the season finale?…REALLY?

In a move that shows just how out of touch Lorne Michaels has become, SNL’s finale will be hosted by that old guy, from that band that refuses to retire.

OK…I get it…Mick Jagger is a HUGE star. And I am as big a fan of The Stones as anybody…but, (I’m sarcastically SORRY) they are not relevant to SNL’s demographic…Shit, I bet half of the cast has never owned a Stones album (or, mp3…or whatever you kids are on these days.)

Where’s the love for Dinklage?

The man is the hottest part of the hottest show of the last two years…WAKE UP, SNL!…Way to strike when the iron is hot.

Come to think of it…Who needs SNL?

Now, I know…I shouldn’t jump the gun. They may pull something brilliant and new off at the season finale, like, say…a Justin Timberlake appearance? Maybe Jimmy Fallon as Barry Gibb? Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Jon Hamm…WE GET IT! Instead of trying something completely new and fresh, your plan is to squeeze every bit of funny out of the same 6 sketches…What up with that?…No, seriously, I know my grandparents and their friend love “What Up With That”…but, I have been a loyal viewer for 20 years, and if I have to hear that f***ing song one more time, I am going to throw my television through a wall. THAT’S what’s up.

Now, back to you, Lorne…What happened to you, man? You were the guy who bought us the Not Ready For Prime Timers…and, granted Chevy Chase (but, we forgive you for that). You brought us Andy Kaufman and Kids in the Hall…when did you go soft?

Having Mick Jagger host is NOT telling The Beatles they can give Ringo less…THAT was genius…this is sad.

There are a handful of people who should have already hosted (Nick Offerman, anyone?)…and the show is BEGGING for a shot in the arm…Timberlake ain’t it anymore. Please…PLEASE…show us you care…Dinklage for next season’s opener. No gimmicks, no Baldwin, no Lindsay Buckingham…


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