New Borderlands 2 Gameplay & Character Previews

I’ll admit…I was late to Borderlands. Very late. Like, I am a level 10, late. But, holy hell, is it fun. I think the main reason Borderlands was not the biggest game the year it released was that it is kind of unclear wether it is a FPS or an RPG…but, truthfully, it is both. And, quite frankly, the best of both.

It should be said, it took me a minute to get into it. I first picked it up and thought that the controls were clunky, and the gameplay was just missing that “thing”. But, I soon realized, this was because I was looking at it like a straight FPS…Big mistake.

The thing with the original is that you start leveling quickly, and like a true RPG, leveling changes the game dramatically.

Anyway, this is not a review of Borderlands…this is a preview of Borderlands 2. The sequel comes out twards the end of the year, and Machinima just posted an extended gamplay preview, while IGN posted two character profiles (Gunzerker and Sirent). There will be two more characters (Ninja and Commando) but little has been released on them so far, and there will be a free DLC for pre-orders of a FIFTH class (Mechromancer), which is explained a bit in the last video.

Based on the videos, the game looks like a nice improvement from the original…It seems they kept the good (like TONS of weapons), and made some adjustments to the menu/inventory/skill tree that cleans it up quite a bit. From the looks of it, the game still takes place on Pandora.
Gameplay preview

Gunzerker preview

Siren preview

Mechromancer preview


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