I tried shawarma for the first time.

Ok, I know…not quite Totally Fkn Awesome…but, Iron Man told me to eat it, so I am saying it counts.

Actually, its pretty surprising I don’t talk about food more than I do. I was a chef for so long, my blogs should have more gourmet references than an Action Bronson album…


Anyway…Shawarma…and is it, ever! The best way I can describe this to you white people, is take a gyro (yee-ro, btw), replace the lamb loaf with actual lamb, add hummus, and grill the entire thing. The result being tongue orgasms. Truly delicious, AND any Mediterranean  place that sells Gyros (and, no…not Miami Subs) will probably have it on the menu…So, if you’re like me, thinking you can’t get it by you…chances are you can, and chances are you’ve already eaten at the place that sells it.

If you like Gyros (and, who doesn’t)…give shawarma a try. Who are you to question Tony Stark, anyway?


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