Mind Your Queue: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

So, I am not quite sure how to convince you to watch Being Elmo. To be honest, I am not quite sure how I came to watch it, myself. It had something to do with being on a very strong Jim Henson kick at the time (probably after buying The Muppets on blu ray), and just throwing anything Henson related into my Instant Queue. No one had told me about Being Elmo, I am not particularly “into” the character of Elmo (or privy to any recent Sesame Street, besides when my daughter watches)…And do not have much interest in the puppeteer, himself. The ONLY redeeming qualities this movie would have for me are a slight connection to Jim Henson (who I am ALWAYS eager to learn more about), and the fact that Netflix rarely does me wrong with documentaries (seriously, they’re good).

At, least, I thought those would be the only redeeming qualities.

Let me start by quoting the summary from the movie’s website:
Beloved by children of all ages around the world, Elmo is an international icon. Few people know his creator, Kevin Clash, who dreamed of working with his idol, master puppeteer Jim Henson. Displaying his creativity and talent at a young age, Kevin ultimately found a home on Sesame Street. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this documentary includes rare archival footage, interviews with Frank Oz, Rosie O’Donnell, Cheryl Henson, Joan Ganz Cooney and others and offers a behind-the-scenes look at Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Workshop.

And the trailer:

This movie is one of the most heartfelt, inspiring, wonderful things I have ever had the chance to watch. I am not a cryer, but we will say that my strings were being pulled (pun realized halfway through) from beginning to end, on this. It is the story of a boy, Kevin Clash, who from childhood, wants nothing more to entertain and uplift with his incredible talent of puppeteering (and, he is incredible from a very early age). It is also the story of a Jim Henson muppet, that could not find its voice. It is a story of the two finding each other.

The heart and soul of this movie is Clash, who grows up modestly, with a talent in puppeteering and a passion for Jim Henson’s work. At a very young age, Clash is building his own “Henson-esque” puppets…from scratch. He uses these puppets to entertain sick children and put on shows for his town. All this as a pre-curser to his eventual meeting, working with and eventually leading the cast of Jim Henson’s Muppeteers. It is the best example of the realization of a dream, as I have ever seen.

There’s not much else I can say, except, I wouldn’t have made this my first “Mind Your Queue” pick, without a reason. The reason being, I look to gain your trust as a reader, and I am so confident that you will leave this movie feeling different about “The American Dream” that you yourself will be recommending the film to others.

If you are a fan of Jim Henson and his work, this movie is a no-brainer. If you are a fan of being inspired and uplifted, this movie is a no-brainer. If you are a fan of furry red monsters, who talk like babies, or grown men who like to play with puppets… well, you may have an issue, but this movie is a no-brainer…
Jokes aside, see this move, thank me later.
Being Elmo, like anything else we suggest on “Mind Your Queue”, is available on Netflix Instant, and probably everywhere else.

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