“Holy, TUMBLER, Batman…”: The Bat Vehicles’ North American Tour

“The-car-that-Gotham-needs-but-not-the-car-that-Gotham-wants-right-now”, The Tumbler and The Bat Pod (It’s not a car!) may be coming to a town near you! Get your picture taken with the street tank, or just geek out all over it. Here are the cities and dates (courtesy TumblerTour.com):

They see me rollin’…They hatin’

Bentonville, Arkansas May 12
Tulsa, Oklahoma May 15
Overland Park, Kansas May 19
Kansas City, Missouri May 21
Chicago, Illinois May 25
Washington, DC May 27
Baltimore, Maryland May 28
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 30
Buffalo, New York June 1
Toronto, Canada June 7
Montreal, Canada June 10
Purchase, New York June 12
Columbus, Ohio June 13
Lansing, Michigan June 15
Detroit, Michigan June 16
Brooklyn, Michigan June 17
Indianapolis, Indiana June 19
Nashville, Tennessee June 21
Knoxville, Tennessee June 22
Atlanta, Georgia June 23
Dallas, Texas June 25
San Antonio, Texas June 27
El Paso, Texas June 29
Albuquerque, New Mexico July 1
Phoenix, Arizona July 2
Los Angeles, California July 7

“Tweet your pics with #TumblerTour or email them to wbtumblertour@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in our photo gallery.”



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