Totally F***ing Awesome PERSONS candidate: Lindsey Stirling

So, I saw a video for the very first time today, and I immediately decided to create a new segment inspired by it. “TFA PERSONS” is going to (quite obviously) host the Totally F***ing Awesomest persons on the interwebbings. These are people that are letting their geek flag fly, but more than that…doing it well. If the concept picks up, at the end of the year I will do a TFA PERSONS of the Year, and award some sort of no-prize. If it doesn’t, then at most you will get put on to a couple of pretty cool videos.

OK…On to our VERY FIRST “TFA PERSONS” Person…”The Hip Hop Violinist” LINDSEY STERLING!

You may have caught Lindsey’s amazing go on Season Five of America’s Got Talent (pre-Stern era, but I won’t hold that against her), but, more importantly, and the video that was my muse for this post:

and, then, there is also this:

and, about 30 other videos I could post, but don’t have the time because I just spent 45 minutes perusing her YouTube channel, and suggest you do the same…

Um…WHAT?? There are almost too many things going right in these videos, I feel my brain starting to hurt. We have a kickass violinist, with kickassier moves…playing…kickass VIDEO GAME THEMES?? IN COSTUME???? Plus, and not to take anything away from her already oozing awesome…she’s pretty damn hot.

How is it that Olivia Munn is almost a household name, but Lindsey Stirling is not?

Anyway, her videos speak for themselves, so I will shut up from cheapening them with my juvenile perspective, but PLEASE…Subscribe to her YouTube Channel, Follow her on Twitter..and, most importantly, look her up on ITunes, and buy some shit.

Congratulations to Linsey for being the first ever (maybe only?) “TFA PERSONS” person.

Sidenote: We are clearly a small rinky-dink operation with no middle to upper management. As such, we can’t stay on top of everything and everyone on the nets. So, I am asking you, our one loyal reader, to PLEASE alert us if you ever come across anyone you’d like nominate for TFA PERSONS…Send us an email at or hit us on Twitter (@TotalFnAwesome) or the Totally F***ing Awesome Facebook page. Include “TFA PERSONS” in the subject line, and if we use your pick, we will give you a shout in the blog.


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