One More Reason To Tune Into the Season Premiere of AGT…

Love him, or hate him, you’ll want to hear what he says next. I’m talking about Howard Stern, of course, and his taking over judging duties on America’s Got Talent this summer is MORE than enough reason to watch, at the very least, the season premiere…Well, one more reason to watch just swung into the picture. During the show, we will be treated to (not only) Howard Stern…(not only) The first Amazing Spider-Man TV spot…(not only) Nick Cannon’s Ryan Seacrest impression…but, also a 4 minute “Super Preview” of the Spidey flick.

I’m in.

I’ve openly stated here that I think that ASM will surprise people at the box office. I also think it will surprise viewers. Will it be The Dark Knight Rises? Of course not. But, the general outlook on this movie even being made, is negative. The buzz is that it is too soon for a reboot, or that The Lizard looks like a goombah, or whatever else people want to throw at it. What do I say?

Haters gonna hate.

The facts are this; The movie has a great director, with great source material, and chock full o’ great actors. PLUS, everything we’ve seen so far (minus the “goombah theory” supporters), indicates a GREAT “Spidey” feel to it. I think the general result will be a movie that people don’t hate nearly as much as they think they will.

But, I digress…May 14th, on NBC, America’s Got Talent (now, with 100% more Howard Stern), 4 minute Amazing Spider-Man TV Spot; be there or be not there…but, seriously, be there.

Amazing Spider-Man opens everywhere July 3rd.


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