Playing Dead: The Walking Dead Game Episode 1

So, Telltale Games, the company that put out the wildly clever and refreshing Back to the Future: The Game, last year, is back (from the future?…I wonder if they need roads) with the brand spanking new, and totally rad The Walking Dead: The Game (available on PSN, Xbox Live, Mac & PC). Episode 1 just dropped a few weeks ago, and (slow on the tic) I finally got to it this weekend.

It’s pretty great.

The game delivers the same “choice based” gameplay, but this time around, promises that your choices will effect the game, and that each individual’s experience may be completely different. While we may have heard these promises before (Bioware…), I will trust, yet again and see where it takes me.

Here’s the trailer, posted by Telltale:

TWD:TG will follow a similar release structure as BTTF:TG, with 5 episodes being released over a year span, and you can buy a season pass (except on Xbox) for about $20-25, or individual episodes as the are released for $4-5 a pop.

The episodic release thing is really growing on me, as I feel you get more bang for your buck. Instead of shelling out $60 for a game (which you will probably shelve in a few weeks), this method forces you into geting excited for the next chapter. And, while each chapter may only take a couple of days to get through, you are forced into pacing yourself.

Telltale may be the future of simple yet effective games with licences we love.

Check it out, Episode 1 is available now on your preferred console and Mac/PC.


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