Ron Howard: Still on the Path of the Beam…



The Gunslinger & The Tower


Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Opie. Willow was cool.

But, this project CANNOT WORK. And, even if it could, Ron Howard is not the man to direct it, and Javier Bardem is not the man to star. Period. I can go into why they are not the right team, but I would be here all day. There is NOTHING right about it.

It was recently rumored that The Dark Tower movie (slash TV) project was abandoned again, but RH just tweeted the contrary.

“Spent day today in a story session on…Dark Tower 🙂 Terrific meeting w/ Akiva Goldsman & Erica Huggins No timetables but very positive”


And before my one follower comes to Howard’s support, keep in mind, this is the guy who took the world’s most popular book and turned it into a National Treasure clone. Stephen King’s opus is too delicate a story for Howard’s “bull-in-a-china-shop” approach. I am saying he’s a clumsy director. I’m sure he’s a nice guy (because that’s ALL I hear from people who have worked with him), but this is Roland and Co. we’re talking about, we don’t need a nice guy…Get Darabont in there. He’s a big enough dick to make the tough calls and maybe get it done correctly.

I am a HUGE Dark Tower fan, and in a perfect world, I would love to see an accurate transition to film. But, I am also a realist, and I have no faith that this project can work the way it needs to.

Plot Summery (from Wikipedia):
In the story, Roland Deschain is the last living member of a knightly order known as gunslingers and the last of the line of “Arthur Eld”, his world’s analogue of King Arthur. Politically organized along the lines of a feudal society, it shares technological and social characteristics with the American Old West but is also magical. Many of the magical aspects have vanished from Mid-World, but traces remain as do relics from a technologically advanced society. Roland’s quest is to find the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be the nexus of all universes. Roland’s world is said to have “moved on”, and it appears to be coming apart at the seams. Mighty nations have been torn apart by war, entire cities and regions vanish without a trace and time does not flow in an orderly fashion. Sometimes, even the sun rises in the north and sets in the east. As the series opens, Roland’s motives, goals and age are unclear, though later installments shed light on these mysteries.


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