Hulk, CASH!

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Holy Smokes…$200.3 Million? I mean, I knew it was going to be big…But, the biggest weekend opening of all time, by $30M?
Why this is good for us: When someone directs or stars in a movie that grosses that amount of money, Hollywood pretty much gives them the greenlight and a blank check to write their own ticket, project wise. Now, as we Whedonites know, this can only be a good thing. Joss is a brilliant writer and director, and this success is going to make for some great movies for us in the next 10-20 years, i think. Shit, maybe we will finally get our Serenity sequel…As I am writing this, I am actually thinking; WE MAY FINALLY GET OUR SERENITY SEQUEL!…Or maybe, the people producing the BTVS reboot will get their heads out of their asses, and give Joss his property back…

It is fun for me to dream, but for certain, we will be enlightened by a slew of new characters and worlds within the Whedonverse…And, I for one, am very happy about that.

So, the next question is simple; Will anything this summer beat the $200M open? I am obviously speaking of Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises (though, I think Spider-Man will surprise…I will get to that in a bit). I think the answer is “no” for all of them. The Avengers was the perfect storm of awesome. Disney?Marvel has been building this franchise for YEARS, they picked THE fan favorite to direct, the leading movies were all pretty great, they hyped the shit out of it, and most importantly, the demographic includes every person on the planet. Whedon and co. somehow managed to create a movie that appeals to everyone. Young/Old, Male/Female…Everyone was looking forward to this movie. I don’t think either Prometheus or TDKR (while both look great) has that kind of mass appeal.

Another great thing about this massive opening, is that it will open the doors to more comic book movies being made, and I think we have a few years left before that well is dry. Granted, this opening will inevitably put an expiration date on the genre, as we will be inundated with super hero movies for the next decade…but, MAN is that decade going to be sweet…


Now, about Amazing Spider-Man. I am endorsing this movie now for having a gross comprable to TDKR (while, I think Prometheus will devour both of them). Don’t get me wrong, I think TDKR will be a much stronger movie…I just think, while we trashed the concept since its conception, there seems to be a bit of buzz quietly forming around ASM. And, if you’ve seen the latest trailer (which you can find, with my synopsis, HERE), you know that (while they seemed to change the origin around a bit) this IS Spider-Man…In the same fashion that The Avengers’ Hulk IS the Hulk…It has a Spider-Man look, a Spidey tone…I’m just saying, don’t discount it yet, true believer. As Fox showed us with First Class, DisneyMarvel aren’t the only ones capable of getting their shit together.

Either way, whoever wins, WE the viewers really win. And, specifically, WE the viewers. (I am talking, of course, about myself and the one person reading this blog…) (…PS…Thanks Mom, for reading my blog)


lates, kiddos.


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