Tenacious D: Rize of the Fenix

Tenacious D: Rize of the Fenix

Ok, I’m confuzzled.

I had intended to come here and completely shit all over the new Tenacious D album. And I LOVE the D. I am a follower since the first episode of the HBO series, and have indulged ever since. I have watched their studio albums get progressively worse, up to and including this stinky pile of chee. Its lazy, uninspired, barely funny with unimaginative canned skits…basically, i would rather sit through multiple viewings of Airborne…I had a whole metaphor paralleling Jack Black’s own career with the release.


Then this happened:

Now, I am not sure what to say. The album is a disaster, so let me say what I came here to say.

There is an adage about not fixin’ what ain’t broken. Tenacious D is (was?) the best at what they do. Funny, acoustic heavy metal. So, why in the blue bejeezits do they insist on putting out studio albums with a band. The reality is this, every one of their studio albums is meant to be played live, just the two of them…None of them reach their potential with an electric band. Tenacious D (The album) is only salvageable because of amazing songs. But, still, they lose something crucial in the translation. Take away the awesome sauce of the songs (as in Rize) and you have an egg. Also, they have decided to take themselves pretty seriously. There is still the overtone of humor, but if you go back to the early days, the material had WAY more than an overtone. They were funny. The balls to the wall kind of funny. Now, not so much. Ironically, the one exception i had with the album was To Be The Best, the song that they made that incredible video for (above). I can do without the rest…I still have my HBO series on VHS, and about 10 bootlegged live albums.

As far as studio albums, the D should stop. and seriously, they must stop…or penalties will be created and enforced…

This album Smells of shit, Liga Guinggligagiggagoogwayogo.

I will leave you with some classic D to remember the good.

This is one of my favorites:


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