More Avengers Schwag (This one has got BALLS)

There is a movie out. Its called The Avengers. That’s what they’re calling it, anyway…Sort of an “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” kind of thing. Chances are, you’ve not only heard about the movie, but can’t get away from it. Every time you’ve gotten a Dr. Pepper…or, Slurpee, or Lotto ticket…Double A batteries…Land in Montana…you’ve no doubt been inundated with The Hulk’s ugly mug or Captain America’s shield. It’s the way of things. Accept it. That being said, I’d like to share something with you. It is the trailer for a new ZEN Studios Marvel Pinball table.

OK…what is Zen Studios Pinball?

Well, if you are familiar with XBox Live Arcade, or whatever PS3 is calling their thingy at the moment (Home, maybe?), you may have come across a game called Pinball FX2. Quite plainly, this is the greatest pinball video game ever. Their tables are dynamic and VERY interactive. The graphics are great. And, most importantly, the physics are spot on. It feels like you are playing pinball. The game is “free”, but then you have to buy table packages (you can try any table for free with a full time-based demo). Tables run somewhere around $3.00 individually and $10.00 for a pre-pack of 4.

Zen studios also has an Android/iPad app with select tables for about $2.00 a piece, and it makes for GREAT mobile gaming.

Now, Zen has some sort of deal with Marvel Entertainment, where they have been making AWESOME tables based on the Marvel Universe. The latest to be released is the Vengeance and Virtue package which includes X-Men, Thor, Moon Knight and Ghost Rider. In the past, they also have an old Marvel pack, consisting of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and Blade tables (which are all fantastic…but, Blade is extraordinary), as well as Captain America and Fantastic Four individual tables. The tablet tables are a bit more scarce, but you can find those on your own.

It seems there is a new table on its way, and it is…you guessed it, The Avengers. I will post the new trailer below, along with any other ones I can find while I am here…I highly recommend checking the game out on whichever platform you may have. The only thing its missing is a Deadpool table, and we’d be set.


Edit: Apparently there is a World War Hulk table in the works I wasn’t even aware of…


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