Chevy Chase: Still a dick? (SPOILER ALERT: The answer is “yes”)

Chevy Chase vs. Dan Harmon

Everyone always wants to point the finger at poor Mel Gibson. Granted, he is an anti-semite, who may be a Holocaust denier, and definitely hopes at least on person is “raped by a pack of wild niggers” (his words)…but, still…

OK, there really is NO comparison. Chevy Chase is just known to be slightly bitchy and egotistical. There is no evidence to say he is racist…but, he may be…

Anyway, I digress. I just appreciate the chance to poke at Melly Mel every so often (and, be honest…you’re jealous I was able to slip an N word in there, with no sentiment.)

Off track again…what was this blog about?… …

Chevy Chase (and you’re not)! OK. So, as some of you may know, the Chev-ster (metallic pea?) has had a bit of a reputation ever since his SNL days. To misquote Bill Murray; “Fuck that fucking guy”. (I’m not sure if he was talking about Chevy at the time…but I am sure he said it at least once in his life).

Point is, Chevy Chase was a dick (allegedly).

So, skip forward to now, when he’s like 100 and made taken responsibility for being a huge ego in the day. It would have seemed that he was a bit more level headed these days. ‘Parently not.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you maybe painted perplexed to find out that there has been a bit of a clash of egos between Chase and Community show runner, Dan Harmon. Google it, bitch…TFA wasn’t around that long. Anyway, angry voicemails were left and leaked a’la Mel Gibson (see what I did there? That’s a CALL BACK)…Well, recently caught up with Chase and  here’s what he had to say:

“I just don’t think the writing of that character reflects what I do comedically, and I love the people I work with. They’re all good kids, and they all do very well in their parts. But I don’t think anyone has a sense of what to do with me, so I got to play some gray-haired, biased, bigoted guy. I’ve been too funny in my life to have to play a character who’s … moderately funny.”

And when asked how he’d change things on the show, “I’d make it funnier.”

Yeah…Way to be a dick. Not to mention Community is CRAZY f***ing funny. And, if we’re being honest Chevy Chase wasn’t exactly beating down offers, I don’t think, when he took the job.

At least when he was on SNL (until, say…right before The Chevy Chase Show aired) he could back up claims of being “too funny to (so and so)”. Now he is clearly out of touch with what is funny, and should probably just do what the funny people tell him to do.

Dance Monkey!


Here is some history to the feud, and some of the voicemails and a Chevy reaction courtesy of TMZ:


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