The New Expendables 2 Trailer Will Kick You Eyes’ Assholes

Couple of days late on this, because I’ve been busy…but, it holds up. This movie looks as badass as the first, except with 100% more Chuck F***ing Norris. Prepare to have your asses blown.

The Expendables 2 stars Sylvester F***ing Stallone, Jason F***ing Statham, Liam F***ing Hemsworth (you know, Thor’s brother), Bruce F***ing Willis, Arnold F***ing Schwarzenegger, Jet F***ing Li, Chuck F***ing Norris, Jean-Claude Van F***ing Damme, Dolph F***ing Lundgren, Terry F***ing Crews, Randy F***ing Couture, the always beautiful Charisma F***ing Carpenter, and a partridge in a f***ing pear tree. The story follow’s Stallone’s Barney F***ing Ross and crew as they attempt not to get exploded.

Holy HELL Stallone knows action.

Opens 8/17/12


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