The Amazing Spider-Man whips its new trailer out, and sprays webbing all up in your face…

…at least I hope that’s webbing.

Um…Holy Shit.

The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises, neck and neck, final lap, we could have a photo finish folks! Quarter of a lap left, and…wait…who is that QUICKLY filling the gap?…The Amazing Spider-Man? (That was entirely too much buildup for such a shitty metaphor.)

But, seriously, where in the blue HELL did this movie come from, looking so good? (ps…didn’t like the trailer? you may want to move on, because I thought it was awesome, and I am about to gush)

Number one, that trailer was practically all action…and fantastic action at that. And, the look is awesome…I wouldn’t dare to compare it to Nolan’s Batman Begins, but I will say this; Do you remember when you first watched BB and you were like “huh, now that I think about it…Burton’s Batman was indeed a stinky pile of sheet”?…Or, after TDK “yeah, I don’t think Nicholson’s Joker was really that good”…

You get my point.

Also, Fuh the haters…I think the Lizard looks awesome…and YES, he wears a lab coat. I am not that pissy about a snout. As we’ve all seen around the interwebs lately, original Ditko Lizard didn’t have a snout anyway:

What else did we see? Well, Gwen obviously knows about Spider-Parker…ok. And then there is the weird “secret about my parents” angle…which is kind of pulled from Ultimate Spider-Man…I am ok with it. As far as I am concerned, there is a few solid criteria for Spider-Man:

1. Dead parents. check.

2. Web Shooters. check.

3. Wise cracking. check, check.

4. Dead Uncle Ben…assumed check.

I am in.


One thought on “The Amazing Spider-Man whips its new trailer out, and sprays webbing all up in your face…

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