Finally Reached Brooklyn…The Ballad of MCA

Adam “MCA’ Yauch (August 5, 1964 – May 4, 2012)

It is with sadness that we report that Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys “MCA”), passed away today after a three year battle with cancer, the band’s publicist released.

This is a sad day, indeed, as Yauch was a pioneer in hip-hop AND rock & roll. The Beastie Boys were such an influence on me growing up, I take this as a personal blow (I even postponed my opening night Avengers screening).

The furthest back I can remember in my Beastie Boys recollection is spending the entire sixth grade learning all the words to every song on License To Ill…The album was unlike anything any of us had ever heard (which became the calling card of a Beastie’s album), and ultimately myself, and two cohorts were forbidden to perform (and by “perform” I mean “lip-sync”) Paul Revere at the school talent show. We couldn’t understand for the life of us why drinking, robbery, assault and penetration with street sports equipment was inappropriate for a grade school talent show. We went on to launch an anti-censorship campaign. OK, in retrospect, I am probably embellishing in my brain a bit…but I do know that 20 something odd years later, we still talk about it.

That was the influence of The Beasties…They changed…everything. How we walked…how we talked, what we said…to the point where a lot of my tongue-in-cheek mentality and attitude at 30 probably has much to do with (specifically) that album. And to say they had lasting power is an understatement. For three white kids, rapping in Brooklyn to still be RELEVANT 20+ years later? That just doesn’t happen…None of the trailblazers are still making records…none, but The Beastie Boys.

Rather than failing to give the man’s accomplishments any justice, I will instead leave you with a handful of videos, showing his contribution to the world. The first is his announcement of the cancer discovery, the rest will be a bit more upbeat.

Our prayers go out to his wife and daughter.

RIP MCA…You will be missed.


The best of MCA (in no particular order):



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