A Totally F***ing Awesome Explanation!

Welcome to Totally F***ing Awesome!!…You may be wondering if you belong here. I will answer that question.

Nerd or Geek? Many an argument were started over the proper terminology. Of course, those arguments typically amount to only asthma attacks and maybe the occasional slap fight…

Allow me to enlighten you. It doesn’t matter which term you use. What matters (to me, at least…get your own blog, bitch), is who is spouting the slander. And, yes…it is slander. Trust me. When I was coming up, being called a nerd was no term of endearment. “Geek” was definitely not “chic”…But, recently, that changed…Recently, we’ve entered what I like to call “The Nolan Era”. All of a sudden, everyone loves comic book movies and thusly dubbed themselves “nerds” and “geeks”. Put plainly, “Nerd” went Hollywood, yo. Then it was all down hill and we find ourselves in a place where it is the “in” thing to admit you like board games. So no, you are not a nerd, and you can’t go throwing that term around…To me, it is the equivalent to a white person getting into Biggie Smalls, then running round claiming to be a lifelong “N word”. The much less risky equivalent, but you see my point.

It doesn’t work that way. We OWN that word. And we will be taking it back, just like Randall took back “Porch Monkey”, only totally different.

So, do you have claim to call yourself “geek” or “nerd” or whatever you decided it was cute to be at the moment? Well, here is some criteria to help you figure it out.

1. If you’re excited for The Avengers movie to come, you’re not necessarily a nerd. However, if you spend most of the time in the theater getting giddy over every easter egg, or dissecting every continuity error…you probably are. (post script to that: If you have no idea what I mean by “easter egg”, you’re not.)

2. If you had a comic book collection when you were in High School, you’re not necessarily a nerd…but if you spent as much money on bags and boards as comics, you probably are.

3. Being a video gamer does not necessarily make you a nerd…Waiting in line in the freezing cold at midnight to pick up your copy of Gears of War means you probably might be.

4. You might be a geek if you see the potential in Joss Whedon. You are probably a geek if you are familiar with the Whedonverse. (The “Whedon” here can be replaced with “View Askew”)

5. If you’ve watched every episode of Mr. Show a couple of times, you may be…If you spent weeks procuring every episode (don’t forget the “in-between season” episodes) on crappy VHS through tape trading sites for hundreds of dollars…most likely. (“Mr. Show” can be replaced with “MTV’s The State” here…also, if you are unfamiliar with tape trading sites, see my last post script)

6. If you own a $2000 gaming computer you might be a nerd…Building that $2000 gaming computer? For $1200…That definitely makes you a nerd.

7. If you’ve read the entire Dark Tower Series, you may have claim…If you subsequently read every Stephen King book written, just to find the connections to The Dark Tower,…you have claim.

more to follow…

The point is, there is a lot more to being a geek than a pair of thick rimmed glasses and a desire…And that “more” is obsession. Being a geek, by definition, is having a bit of OCD…you are a completist in every form of the word, and that can translate to any of your hobbies…Comic Books, Movies, Music, Sports…BTVS…don’t matter…its the time and passion you have for it…So, by that same definition, there can be no “geek bandwagon”  its literarily a contradiction of itself. You had to have put in the effort. If you haven’t, then you are a poser, and this blog is not for you…Not that I wouldn’t love to have you along, but I don’t think you will enjoy it. We will be making such subtle and obvious references that will wish you had a TARDIS to go back and catch them all…any true geek will understand our dialect, and if something here is new to them, believe me…they will figure it out. Its what we do. That being said, If you read this entire post, and none of the list applies to you, but you find yourself uncontrollably compelled to look up what a TARDIS…welcome aboard, its always good to see new faces.


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