KHHHAAANNNN! (I’m sure no one else was clever enough to come up with that title.)

So, Benedict Cumberbatch WILL indeed be taking the reins as Khan Noonien Singh after all.

After months of denial and secrecy by Cumberbatch, JJ Abrams and gang, TrekMovie finally reported last week that the classic villain will be the big bad for the Star Trek sequel, scheduled for release May of 2013.

Cumberbatch, shown below, is known for BBC’s Sherlock (if you don’t know, shame on you…check your Netflix Instant)…One of the best shows BBC has to offer (and that’s saying a lot, am I right, Luthor???), largely due to Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the famed detective (WAY better than RDJ).  And, while he wouldn’t have been on my top ten to fill the shoes of Ricardo Montalban…I am crazy psyched about this news. This guy is good, and will surely bring new light to a classic character.


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