Better Late Than Never: Joss Finally Gets His Due

OK…Having been an early adopter into the Whedonverse, I may be a bit biased…too bad. Who said anything about being UNbiased?

Anyway, Joss Whedon is just a few short hours away from probably one of the most well known directors in Hollywood. But, to me (and scores of others loyalites), this recognition is 15 years too overdue. 1997 is when Buffy The Vampire Slayer hit our households, and thus, should have been the year of Joss…alas, it was not. In fact, to this day, I still find people who just flat out refuse to watch a Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle about a teenage girl killing demons. Granted, I am sure those numbers will drop severely over the next months, if The Avengers is even half as big as the hype. Anyway, GQ magazine is running an article (Source) on Whedon and his rise to Assemble, and how it wasn’t as “out-of-the-blue” as some “out-of-the-loop”ers probably feel it is. On a side note, I have seen everything that Whedon has put out (other than Cabin in the Woods, which I am eager to), and I fully support EVERYTHING (minus the BTVS movie which was famously a ruined version of the script he wrote, by the studio), in particular the entire Buffy universe AND Firefly/Serenity. Both 5 by 5…

And check out the article… Alex Pappademas paints a nice picture of the rise, and how mostly anything currently worth watching on television right now was written by Joss’s former writers…Go team BUFFY!…

PS…we also get a glimpse into the Batman movie Joss may have done…




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