Avengers Extra Scene for US Viewers

So, Avengers is a few days out, and news is STILL rolling in. Turns out, the “fully costumed reshoots” that Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige flat out denied being extra footage, will manifest as a SECOND post credit scene. The denial was fortified by International viewers who have already seen the movie and claim there is no such scene, but apparently the clip was tagged on to US prints only. So the US will be rewarded for having to wait an additional week.

Apparently, there is a screen cap of the scene at Unleash the Fanboy (which I refuse to check out, and suggest the same for you, but my money is on a Nathan Fillion Ant Man appearance. This is fueled primarily by sightings of (Whedon favorite) Fillion and Robert Downy Jr. rubbing elbows recently, and also because of Feige’s original, possibly coded denial ” “There’s little things. It’s been blown out of proportion”

Avengers comes out this Friday…and don’t forget to stay after the credits…then after that!


7 thoughts on “Avengers Extra Scene for US Viewers

      • I didn’t want to say anymore, but I’d feel terrible if you bought another ticket at my appraisal (although, I am not sure there is such thing as TOO many Avengers viewings)…Anyway, I would probably suggest picking it up on YouTube or something. It is cool, but if you are not into another trip to the theaters, it is not necessary to do so…


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