The Dead Walking Again? (slight spoilers)

For those of you mourning some of the dearly departed from the the last (incredible) two seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead, fear not!
“Dead” Director, extraordinaire, Frank Darabont is currently working on the pilot for L.A. Noir for TNT. The show is an 40s-50s Los Angeles crime drama, starring Shane himself, Jon Bernthal.

That’s the old news.

We now know that, added to the cast are Jim (Andrew Rothenberg) and…(drumroll)…DALE (Jeffery DeMunn).
Rothenberg shared the news via Twitter.

By now you know that Rothenberg’s character bit it in Season One…and, (Spoiler Alert…but, not really) Dale had to leave the show for some “stomach issues” at the end of Season Two.

And, of course, Shane met his maker in Rick Grimes in Season Two’s finale…and he will be missed.

If that isn’t geeky enough for you, L.A. Noir is also set to star Simon Pegg and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes fame) and Neal McDonough (Dum Dum Dugan).

Question:  Am I the only one still going crazy over where the fuck Merle disappeared to?


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