A return to Jericho?…again…for the third time…(maybe)

Oh Netflix, how our relationship has grown. We were friends for a while when I was getting discs in the mail from you…The you added streaming, and I found you uber sexy…I love/hate you with your totally awesome and also fucking horrible selections. But, you do give great TV…and even better Documentary…

I digress.

Then, you lost your fucking mind. For two straight weeks, I wanted to punch you, right in your head. (I never would, of course…but, boy did I want to)

Then something wonderful happened. You brought back Arrested Development, and sucked me right back into this abusive relationship. But, holy shnickies, is it worth it to see Bluth & Son ride again.

What’s my point?…

Oh, yeah…Netflix is now in talks with CBS to revive Jericho. You are on a roll, my on again/off again.

For those not privy (shame on you, calling yourself a geek), Jericho was CBS’s ill fated, post-apocalyptic, Skeet Ulrich jammy. One of the few shows (in company with just Family Guy and Fringe, if memory serves) that was resurrected from cancellation, by vocal outraged fans. Of course, the show was then cancelled again shortly after, and the outcry dismissed as a fluke.

Michael Schneider (TVGuide.com), who broke the story, warns not to get hopes up.

“Before a third season of Jericho can happen, rounding up the stars and exec producers, many of whom are working on other projects, will take time. Past attempts at a Jericho return haven’t panned out, such as stalled talks with Comcast to continue Jericho in a fashion similar to Friday Night Lights. Executive producer Jon Turteltaub said in 2009 that he was developing a movie, but that also didn’t go anywhere. So far, only Jericho comic books have made it to production.”

So, I guess the question is, does Jericho even deserve a new chance?

I mean, it was revived once and could not maintain viewership, so what will make this time different?


For Shits and Giggles: What other shows should we start petitioning Netflix to bid for. Carnivale, anyone?…Deadwood?…Veronica Mars, Firefly, Angel?…shit, I could do this all day.


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